Thursday, 6 July 2017

TRX2 Trial - Improving thinning hair?

Following on from my post in April, I have now finished the 3 month trial of TRX2.   
I wanted to get involved with this trial as my hair is getting a little on the thin side, being over 30 and having had a child and also using colour and straightners and a hairdryer probably doesn't help!  My hair is one thing I try to look after, my skin I must admit I do forget about a bite.  However if my hair looks awful I feel awful!

Information about the Product
I had 3 months supply of the TRX2® Molecular Food Supplement for Hair:
~ Boosts the absorption of essential nutrients within the hair follicle to support the production of strong, healthy hair.
~ Take three capsules per day with food - either spread throughout the day or all at once.
~ 150g bottle contains a month’s supply of 90 capsules.
~ TRX2® Molecular Food Supplement for Hair - £47.96 per bottle.
~ Available from

Along with 3 months supply of the TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Lotion:
~  Easy-to-use non-greasy formula.
~  Active components penetrate into the skin, nourishing and helping to revitalize hair follicles.
~  Apply 1ml with dropper twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) to the scalp in areas of thinning hair.
~  Use fingers to massage into scalp to help nourish hair follicles.
~  Continue use to maintain results.
~  One 60 ml bottle contains a month’s supply.
~ TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Lotion – £42.36 per bottle.
~ Available from

What I liked about the product was that it is completely natural, TRX2® combines combines potassium chloride, branched chain amino acids (BCAA) and nicotinamide (niacin) - all powerful, nutritional stimulants – with a pure form of a naturally-generated substance (L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate). The formulation is:
~ Drug-free, meaning unwanted side-effects are limited.
~ Not tested on animals. 
~ Suitable for vegetarians. 
~ Free-from artificial colours, gluten and preservatives.

How it works

Backed by world-class research, TRX2® works by engaging potassium channels:
~ People experiencing hair loss have been found to show reduced potassium channel activity.
~ Each hair follicle contains potassium channels - small pore-forming protein structures through which vital nutrients are transported to the hair follicle membrane.
~ Studies show that over time, potassium channels in men and women begin to wear out, gradually inhibiting the transport of essential nutrients to the membrane. This results in hair no longer receiving vital nutrients and vitamins which leads to visibly thinning hair.
~ TRX2® works by re-activating tired and clogged up potassium channels so they are able to absorb essential nutrients and support the production of strong, healthy hair.

I was sent a three month trial, as when the trials took place some people did reoprt thicker and fuller hair in that time, however the majority did find significant improvement after around six months.

TRX2® is not just for people who are developing bald patches etc, it is suitable for anyone who wants to enhance their appearance with a younger-looking head of visibly stronger, thicker, healthy hair.
~ Clinically-proven to boost the health and improve the appearance of hair, one strand at a time.
~ Maintains normal, healthy hair, even in more noticeable areas prone to hair thinning, such as frontal and temporal zones.

My Findings
Like I have said before, my hair is a bit thinner than it used to be - hairdressers always used to comment how thick my hair was but nowadays it is a lot thinner and I do find quite a lot in the drain of the shower and in my hairbrush!  I don't however have any patches where my hair is particularly thinner than anywhere else.
I took my three tablets with my evening meal, I have to say it is a shame they couldn't have just manufactured one tablet rather than having to take three.  When going out for dinner with friends it is rather obvious when taking three tablets, one is a little more discreet.  People think you are taking diet pills!  They are easy enough to swallow.
I applied the drops to my hair in the morning after a shower and at night, however I did find they left my hair greasy.  I tried to spread it about as I don't have particular areas I needed to apply to and even then my hair got greasy.  My skin and my hair is quite oily though, I struggle with moisturisers as can never find one that doesn't make my skin break out in spots - no matter how much money I spend, I have probably wasted hundreds on moisturisers over the years and not found one that works.  

I have to say I haven't noticed any difference, in my case I wonder whether perhaps my hair wasn't bad enough in the first place?  To me, my hair is a lot thinner than it used to be, however it used to be very thick so perhaps now my hair is more of a normal thickness so it didn't have any effect.  After all it has been clinically proven in trials.    It is expensive as it is the best part of £100 a month and they do say you need to keep using it all the time for it to work properly.  
I think a shampoo instead of the drops would be better and being able to take one tablet rather than three would make life easier. 

Other products available in the range include:
·  TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Foam coming soon - £42.36 per bottle
· TRX2® Thickening & Styling cream – £17.25 per jar

For more information visit and
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