Monday, 10 July 2017

Rollercoaster Restaurant at Alton Towers

I didn't really intend to review the restaurant when we were there but having got back, lots of people have asked me about it so luckily I managed to grab some candid photos and a short video while we were there and here is a quick review.

We took Macy to Alton Towers for her 4th birthday, we went during the week on a sunny day.  The theme park was pretty packed.  I had looked online beforehand about booking the Rollercoaster Restaurant for lunch but you can't, only dinner can be booked.  We thought we would be in for a wait.  As it happened, we weren't, we got there about 1:30pm and were seated straight away, there were quite a few empty tables too. 
At first it sounds a bit complicated as you are passed an ipad to order on rather than speak to a waitress but you soon get the hang of it.  Each one of you has an individual number on the table and you order your drinks and food on the ipad via that number.  I will explain the setup (or at least try to!) imagine a flower - where the centre of the flower is the rollercoaster and there are petals which are the tables at which you are seated, each 'table/petal' seats 4 people.  As the drinks come down the rollercoaster they have your number attached so you know it doesn't belong to someone on another 'petal' as each rollercoaster serves several 'tables/petals' - if that makes sense?
Kid Starter - Veggie Sticks
The menu isn't overly exciting as it is still fast food at the end of the day and it is really fast service!  We had our meals in no time.  A burger meal was £14 which isn't cheap but I don't think it's a bad price seeing as you are inside the theme park and at a bit of a novelty restaurant.  The food comes down the rollercoaster in little tubs which you then empty out onto a plate (which sits under the rolercoaster). 
Quorn Burger Meal
The food was good, well it was a burger meal so nothing amazing but it was cooked fine and tasted nice enough.  So I would recommend it if you haven't been as it is a different dining experience.  Probably isn't somewhere you would go back to as it is the novelty of it that appeals, although when you have been walking round the park it is nice to have a sit down meal rather than queue at a burger bar.