Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Henry Wag Microfibre Cleaning Towel & Glove Review

Rum (left) & Kite (right) - Our Testers

I love Henry Wag, they do some great products and they are a small family business who are passionate about pets.  Being part of a family business myself it is really important to me to support other UK family businesses.  They have recently gone through some re-branding and their brand looks fabulous, really modern, clean and minimalist. They were kind enough to send me a couple of products to test - a Henry Wag Microfibre Cleaning Glove and a Henry Wag Microfibre Cleaning Towel.  I have had them both a while as we have had such nice weather I haven't needed them, however today it was a rainy day and both hubby and myself were home so we could test them.  I have never had a microfibre towel, well I tell lies I have bought cheap ones from B&M and they have never been any good so I was looking forward to trying a proper one to see whether it works.  

Testing The Henry Wag Microfibre Cleaning Glove
The dogs weren't muddy, just wet, we decided to use the glove on Kite as she is the smallest.  She found it quite exciting and thought it was a bit of a game, she is only 8 months old though so everything is a game as far as she is concerned!
The glove has two sides to it, one a flat microfibre and the other has lots of little microfibre 'fingers.'  We found this a great idea as the side with the fingers really gets through the coat and dries it, you can then finish them off with a rub over using the flat side.  I have to say this is a great idea and so handy to take away with you or when you are going for a walk and using the car.  It really does dry them off perfectly.  Our only issue was it slipped off your hand a bit so perhaps a bit of elastic round the wrist?  However we do have small hands and the inside is split in two so you can put fingers either side and squeeze them together to hold the glove on.  What a great idea though, this will stay in the car! 

We used the towel on Rum as he is a big lad.  The large towel is a generous size and covered him well so I would think should be suitable for most breeds, it measures 150 x 100cm.  It looks really classy too in a grey colour with the edges finished in a light blue.  
This product is also brilliant, it dried him really well as you can see from the photos,  It is a really thick and luxurious towel, I won't be going back to regular towels ever again!
Both products look really smart and classy, the towel I will keep for home after they have had a bath or got wet in the garden.  The glove I will keep in the car to give them a quick dry off after a walk if we have taken them out.  I do think the glove is a fantastic idea though and would recommend both products.

I have not been paid for this post, however I received the towel and glove in order to review. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity.