Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Day Three

Finally we got to start a bit of tiling – hoorah!  We prepared the surface in the middle of the room with some PVA ready for more latex compound to just fill in the middle again as there was still a bit of a dip, probably half what it was though.  Then went off to do some agility training with the dogs for half an hour.
By the time we got back the PVA was nicely dried but we decided to leave the filling till last so we could work easier.  We started with our tiling in the boiler section, first off we had to put some PVA down again but this time it needed to be tacky for us to then be able to get started.  We had a small pot of adhesive and grout bought as our big tub just wasn’t enough, this stuff was a nightmare to use and we managed to only get it to cover half the area it should do!  Thankfully when we opened the big tub (a grey adhesive and grout) it was a lot easier to us.  So we lay what we could in that section, Gina had a go at doing some tiling as well.  Moving on to the toilet room we could only lay three tiles as we couldn’t get to the back nor could we do right at the front as we needed to put a bit more compound down on the step.
Time to mix up the compound and lay it down in the main room.  Hopefully this is drying okay, it looked level enough when we left it!  Left at 10:30pm today but we took some of my homemade lemon slice to give us a sugar boost half way through!!