Monday, 28 May 2012

Utility Project Day 1

Well I took Mark to mum’s to start the tiling of the utility floor.  She has wanted it done for a while and had been looking at employing someone to do this but not had any joy in finding anyone.  So I thought while she was away in Wales it would be nice to get it done for her so she can return to a nice surprise.
However we got there and realised the floor was not very level.  We removed the paint that was on the floor with the aid of a heat gun and wallpaper scraper as well as a wire brush.  This was a nightmare job, so I started painting the walls while Mark did this and we swapped over to give our arms and hands a bit of a rest!  Once I start painting I have to finish and can’t leave it half done so it wasn’t until 11pm we left! 
We had made a really good start and floor was ready to level!