Saturday, 18 February 2017

Fat Cat Dog Toys

We also received some FatCat dog toys and put them to the test with Kite!  The first one we tested was the FatCat Flip Flop Yanker which FatCat describe as their ultimate tug toy which can withstand up to 1/2 a ton of dog tugging with it.  This is able to withstand the force due to a a tightly woven nylon belt inside the toy.  I have to admit that the dogs weren't that keen on this, they love to tug but the toy is quite flat and wide so am not sure they found it that easy to grip.  They love their rope and fleece tugs and when you think about it they are chunkier and not as wide so they are perhaps easier to grip.  It is very strong though and you can't hear it ripping at all when they do tug, unlike some fleece tuggies etc. 

Our other toy we tested was the Fat Cat Mini Puppy Teether.  I liked the look of this toy (even though it means she ends up chewing a cat lol) - it is bright and colourful with soft rubber front paws, a soft fluffy tummy and soft body.  Kite is 10 weeks old now and isn't keen on chewing anything hard so she loves this.  She can chew the nice soft rubber or the material.  So far she has shredded the label on the toy but not ruined any of the body of the toy (yet!)  This toy is a favourite, she shakes it round and enjoys whacking herself round the head with the floppy legs of the toy.  She also likes to sit down and give it a good chew of course!  It has become a firm favourite and I would recommend this to any puppy owners :)

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