Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Introducing Kite - Starrytails Catch the Wind


Our new member in the family is Kite, she is a miniature american shepherd. You are probably thinking what is one of those? Mini Americans were originally mini australian shepherds as they are australian shephers but are bred smaller. The breed standard states should be 13"-18" whereas the australian shepherd is 18"-23". 
Kite was one of the biggest and heaviest pups in the litter so may well measure towards the top end but that doesn't bother me as I loved her chunky aussie look, some are quite fine and am not keen as it was the chunky aussie I originally liked but always found them a bit big.
She has settled in well and is so confident but not over confident so it is nice. 
 Here she was at 3 weeks and 5 weeks :)