Monday, 13 February 2017

VicksTricks Challenge

In Britmum's #VicksTricks Challenge, they want to know what we do with our children to make them feel better when they are unwell, as well as how our parents soothed and entertained us during cold and flu season when we were young.  

Whenever I hear the word Vicks it conjours up memories of Vaporub and the smell, it brings my senses to life and I can remember feeling soothed and able to breathe again.  We have done fairly well this year so far and have (touch wood) avoided all the colds and coughs going round!  However our #VicksTricks are as follows:
  • Lots of Vicks Vaporub on the chest.
  • Warm, comforting tomato soup
  • A cosy blanket on the settee, cuddled up together watching a Disney film.
  • Warm glass of milk with my daughter's favourite treat - marshmallows!  She doesn't like hot chocolate so just plain milk! 
  • Early night with a nice story and cuddles in bed.
She doesn't like medicine, it makes her heave, she cannot stand the sweet sickly taste so Calpol/Nurofen is never an option in our house.  Therefore we have to come up with non-medicinal ways to take her mind off her cold.  She loves magic and Vicks have come up with a series of #VicksTricks magic videos, here is our favourite one:

The Facts
Vicks consumer research shows the following most common at home remedies:

52% of parents said that rest was the most important thing for making children feel better

40% relied on medicine

36% believed in the power of TLC

And when it comes to keeping children entertained: 

75% of British parents put on the TV or a DVD

27% read to their children

8% tell jokes 2% that do magic tricks
2% that do magic tricks

Family Psychologist Corinne Sweet highlights that “one of the most powerful antidotes to sickness developing further, is parental care and concern.”  Corinne advises that “listening to a story or watching a film is a good idea, as it is soothing and promotes laughter (an immune booster). But don’t let them play video games, watch scary films or spend hours on screens. This will keep their minds over-stimulated, when their immune systems need gentler stimulation and rest.”
This is my entry for the #VicksTricks challenge in association with Vicks and BritMums. As a thank you for taking part we were sent a story book, finger puppets and Vicks First Defence to try.