Friday, 29 March 2013

BabyStart Ria 3

This pushchair is normally £79.99 but is currently on offer at £49.99 at Argos.  Using an Emma’s Diary voucher it worked out at £24.99 – so I didn’t think you could go wrong for that.  We had been looking at the Quinny Zapp Extra and the Baby Jogger Mini but didn’t want to spend a fortune in case it wasn’t used much.  We have the iCandy apple travel system and although I love it, it is big, heavy and cumbersome so I thought for holidays and quick trips to the shop I wanted something lightweight which we could use from birth.

The Ria does the job really, yes it feels a bit cheap and plasticy compared to some but that’s because it is cheap.  I like the styling, it still looks nice and doesn’t look particularly cheap.  It folds up really easily and folds down in half so is still fairly wide measuring  but the wheels come off easily should you need to – the only thing I don’t like is the footrest sort of sticks up when folded and doesn’t fold in on itself - on a plane I could see it might get damaged?  I like the single handle on the pushchair, am not keen on two handles, it seems to be nice and light and easy to manoeuvre – can’t see it coping too well on rough terrain but I have my iCandy for that.  The seat folds flat and sits up at different degrees by adjusting a strap at the back – child can only ever lie flat or face forward.  The bumper bar/tray simply clicks in but is a bit awkward to get off as the catches are a bit placsticy and awkward so I don’t expect I will use that on it when she is older.  Harness seems sturdy enough.  It also came with a rain cover which Velcros over the whole pushchair and looks like it will keep baby nice and dry.  Finally I like the little peep hole in the canopy/hood so you can see what your little one is up to!

So all in all I would recommend it as a second pushchair if you can get it at sale prices – I don’t think I would want to pay £79.99 for it as I think it is more like a £50 pushchair really.