Thursday, 28 March 2013

Embarking into the.....

So it’s that time – I am entering into……… the third trimester!!  To me it seems a bit silly as I am 28 weeks, surely pregnancy should be split equally into thirds, so that should have been 26.6 weeks?  Seems to make more sense that it would be split into thirds, for ease, round it up to 27 weeks and I should have been in my third trimester last week.  That’s just me being pedantic!!

 We had another midwife appointment today who measured be at 27.5cm which is near enough as they say the size equates to the amount of weeks you are which would be 28cm.  It is a funny way of measuring though as they measure from your pubic bone up to your breastbone and I don't really understand how they can do it accurately as some people are fatter than others.  So seems a bit strange but there you go!

According to the Babycenter My Pregnancy app (which I would recommend to anyone who is pregnant, really gives you some useful daily info) she can now blink her eyes and be able to see the change in light.  It amazes me when Mark puts his hand on my belly and rubs it she will follow it round, sometimes she will kick him and he can really feel it but others I can feel flutters under where his hand is moving – I don’t know how she knows he is there as he isn’t pressing or prodding at all. 

On another note I keep hearing stories about how people have expected girls and have had a boy!!  So it does worry me a little, though the sonographer did say she was 100% certain but I have heard that boys bits can be hidden.  It doesn’t really matter if we do have a boy as the nursery, pram, pushchair and all the big stuff is neutral (am not a massive pink fan!).  It’s just that we have quite a lot of dresses and pink clothes so we will have to do some shopping if she does turn out to be a he – think I will pack the neutral babygrows in my hospital bag just in case!!