Saturday, 30 March 2013

Maternity Bras

Aargh I am getting fed up of bras, I hate bra shopping, it is a right pain and I am not particularly keen on getting measured.  My normal bra has started to dig in as it is underwired and isn’t a maternity bra, I also though that when I am in hospital I don’t want an underwire as I want to be more comfortable if I am in bed. 

So I started my hunt for a non wired maternity bra.  I ordered a Royce Emily Nursing Bra in 32H (same size as my current bra) and when it came it was too tight around my body so I thought I needed a 34.  I went into Mothercare to try on their Blooming Marvellous twin pack bras and a 34H was too big, a 32G fit perfectly round me but the cup was too small.  Typically they hadn’t got a 32H – grrrr!!!  Anyway I went online and the same bra set was £10 cheaper on their website so I ordered them.  When they came they were too small, both around my body and in the cup – how does that work???  So I took them back to get my money back and am still without a non wired bra! 

Would be glad of any suggestions??  I don’t want to spend a fortune as I won’t be wearing it long.  However could do with getting one from the High Street so I can try it on.  I struggle with the sizes though being small around my torso and big in the cup, some bigger cups don’t start from 32 and will start at 34.