Sunday, 3 March 2013

Blooming Marvellous Maternity Support Belt

I have been struggling this week with really bad round ligament pain, it's completely stopped me from doing things on a few occasions - I think sometimes I forget I am 5 months pregnant and continue to do everything as normal!  So after reading some info online I decided I needed some support, I wanted to buy from the High Street straight away so I decided on this from Mothercare.
I ended up with a medium, thought I would be a small as I am an 8/10 in trousers but it just wasn't quite big enough.  So far I think it's brilliant, very discreet (some looked like real brace type things = very attractive, not!) and haven't had any pain since wearing it and we went on a walk for about 2 hours while I wore it yesterday.  Here's my gorgeous boy in the lovely sunshine after having a great time swimming in the lake :)