Saturday, 23 February 2013

Happy Anniversary

A year ago today I married my soul mate and best friend in St Lucia.  Everything about the wedding was perfect, the rain stopped for the ceremony and the sun shone, we even had a rainbow! 
A lot has happened in a year, we had a great day out drifting courtesy of Buyagift – Mark won the day and I was third!  I learned how to wakeboard and then how to snowboard which then caused me to have a nasty accident when I spent a night in A&E and was laid up for a week – I am sticking to skiing!  I returned to dog agility and unfortunately retired again as it was discovered my youngest dog has a collapse condition caused by exercise and stress.  Such a shame as he was doing very well, my sheltie qualified for 3 finals, one of which I missed due to morning sickness and two which are in July this year which I suppose I will miss as baby is due 27th June!!  No doubt she will be late.  Oh yes and we got pregnant and are expecting our first daughter.  Not forgetting the fact we bought a house!!

We’re really happy with the house, it’s an ongoing project as is very dated however we aren’t going to decorate just yet as we hope to extend so it would be pointless to redecorate, the location is fab and the garden is the best bit – dogs think so too!!

Unfortunately I spent most of yesterday being sick with a virus, at one point it was 4 times an hour - horrendous!  Thank goodness that is over with and can start getting some food and liquids back inside me!