Thursday, 14 February 2013

Maternity Clothes

Well I bought some clothes online in the Next sale and at the time ordered a size 10 as that is what I was wearing at the time, I had been size 8. However now I have a bump and can't fit into normal trousers I still can't fit into the size 10 maternity trousers, they are way too big. Are maternity sizes a little bigger than normal sizes? 

I had spent all Saturday walking round Telford looking for maternity work trousers. New Look - no size 8s, H&M - no work wear, Matalan - no maternity section, Asda & Tesco - again no maternity sections. I could not find maternity wear on the High Street - does anyone have any suggestions? 

After feeling uncomfortable all week wearing the size 10s with a belt (hate belts at the best of times!) I had had enough and took a trip out to the nearest Matalan with a maternity section. Only to find they said we are stopping stocking maternity wear in store, it will only be available online so we only have this one rail! Luckily they did have some trousers that fit and have an adjustable waistband. But this is crazy - surely there are some shops that still stock maternity wear, aren't there? If so where?  I really need to try them on!