Tuesday, 12 February 2013

20 week NHS Scan

We attended Telford hospital today for our 20 week scan and I was amazed at how much they looked at.  They checked how her heart was working, watching the blood flowing in and out.  Measured her all over to make sure her growth is on track.  Checked that her digestive system was working and that her lips were all okay.  Apparently she was smiling and had her legs and arms crossed - hypermobile joints taking after me?  So everything is fine and her growth on track.

However when we got back we have a letter to see the consultant in April, only thing I can think it is for is because our chosen hospital is a midwife unit so am assuming they need to thoroughly check I am okay to deliver there?  I don't have a high BMI nor any problems so am assuming this is what it is, appointment is 1-2 hours long though and it advises you to bring a friend or partner (a little worryingly!) but Mark comes to all appointments anyway.