Sunday, 10 February 2013


It's a minefield, I never knew there was so much you needed to know about things when you're pregnant.

My sis in law said we could have her avent steriliser, we just need bottles and she recommended Tommee Tippee ones as thats what her little girl preferred best.  While I was in Tesco and getting carried away looking at all the lovely baby clothes!  I spotted that the bottles were half price, great I thought, but no it wasn't that simple.  Some were 150ml and some were 260ml, both said from 0 months on the front and I turned the packaging over to see when the different sizes were used but no information at all!  Completely lost with it all I put both packages down.  Sis in law says we need both sizes as am assuming the 150ml is newborn up to a certain age and the 260ml is when they are a bit older - but why doesn't it say that on the box? 

Do they assume we know what we're doing?  Well I haven't, I have not got the foggiest about any of it, sometimes I feel like I am in the middle of a maze and I can't find my way out!!