Thursday, 14 February 2013

Petsafe's SlimCat Interactive Feeder Review

Clee is a 2 year old neutured moggie and I had recently noticed he was losing his waistline a bit!  So I decided to do something about it and had given the dogs food balls before to stop them getting bored so I wondered if they did a similar thing for cats, really to stop him just having the ease of his dinner in front of him and gobbling it all quickly!  I looked on Ebay and there I found the Petsafe Slim Cat Interactive Feeder and ordered it.

When it arrived the instructions were inside the ball and I spent ages trying to get into the ball by unscrewing half of the ball - oops, I can blame the baby brain!  It actually just has a small cover which unlocks and you put the food into.  The ball is then adjustable and the holes which allows food out can be slightly covered over so it is more difficult for the cat to get food out, but obviously to start with you have the holes fully open.

To start with I shook the ball so some biscuits fell out and put the ball on top of the biscuits, this encouraged Clee to move the ball with his nose or paw to be able to eat the biscuits.  It did take a few attempts like this for him to be happy with the way the ball moved, at first it frightened him a bit.  He got the hang of it quite quickly but I did have to sit with him while he used it the first few times to give him reassurance and confidence.

It's brilliant as it does make them work for the food and it's not just as easy as eating it out of a bowl so it doesn't cause them to over eat.  Here is a video of the ball: