Thursday, 6 June 2013

37 Weeks

So anytime now would be nice lol - wishful thinking!! We measured spot on at our midwife appointment so have recovered from a bit of a growth slow down and are back on track now!
I have been suffering from SPD, for a couple of weeks it was agony to walk, I went to see a physio but they couldn't do much. My mothercare support band wasn't really supportive anymore so I invested in a paramedics Wiltshire support band suggested by the physio.  I have to say it has relay helped, it isn't overly comfy to sit down whilst wearing and also I can still feel my pelvis move when I am climbing stairs (so I avoid stairs!), however generally it has helped.  I also saw an osteopath but he couldn't help either.  Just a case of putting up with the pain until she is here!

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