Saturday, 29 June 2013

Vileda Spiral Scourer Review

Vileda describe this as follows:

These Spiral Steel Scourer are specifically designed to remove the toughest burnt on marks. Tough and very Long Lasting.  They are ideal for heavy duty scouring, on Pans, Grills and BBQs
  • Made from Steel so won't rust.
  • Tough
  • Long Lasting 
    I decided to try and clean the grill pan with these, we have only used the pan two or three times since new so it wasn't overly dirty.  However there was still quite a lot of dried on grease on the grill and quite a lot of grease on the pan itself.
     These scourers got through it really easily, I hadn't even soaked the pan at all and this scourer cut through it all really easily and left it sparkling.  I have used brillo pads before on things like this but they break up so easily and quickly, this however is a lot better and stays together for longer.  I also tried it on an oven shelf which was a lot more worse for wear and could have done with being soaked, the scourers coped admirably, they did start to break up and pull apart but nothing like as much as a brillo pad so they are a lot better option.

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