Sunday, 30 June 2013

Vileda Non Scratch Power Scourer Review

Vileda describe this as follows:
 The Non Scratch Vileda Power Scourer is a real step up from a standard foam scourer.It is more hygienic as food won't get lodged in the scrim; instead they are easily rinsed away.
The non-scratch Scourer also cleans more efficiently, less pressure is needed to get amazing cleaning results
  • This non scratch scourer is perfect for delicate surfaces such as ceramic and glass.
  • It performs better than a standard scourer as the abrasive does not get blocked by dirt particles.
  • The 3D structure needs less pressure to clean
  • The sealed surface means it stays fresher and cleaner for longer as it's so easy to rinse.
  • More hygienic than a standard scourer.
  • Easy grip sponge

  • I found the back of the sponge was quite rigid and difficult to get into smaller items, however I did feel like it softened up so after more use I think it will become more flexible.  The non scratch side is great as the usual scourer is a material back and food does get tangled in the fibres, however this back is a strange rubbery/plasticky texture so the food didn't get stuck all over the back of it.

    I used the scourer side on delicate glasses and it didn't scratch, I also used it on a non-stick pan and it also didn't scratch.  It holds the washing up liquid froth well and also is a good size to hold, nice and thick.

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