Monday, 10 June 2013

Day 1 & a broken laptop!

Well I was doing some video editing on Mark's Dell Studio 1747 laptop (my Sony is quite old and could do with some more RAM).  I was using Adobe Premier and was almost finished when it crashed - great I thought not remembering the last time I had pressed save. So I powered it back up but it had died! I get a black screen as below and having looked online it sounds like the hard drive might be toast! The laptop is only a couple of years old and I can't believe it has died already - I personally like my Sony computers and will be sticking with them from now on, not touching Dell again, the laptop wasn't cheap and it has been quite temperamental since Mark had it. So a trip to PC World computer doctor I think!
So not the greatest start to my first day of maternity leave, perhaps am not cut out to be at home! 

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