Sunday, 30 June 2013

Vileda Micro and Power Cloth Review

Vileda describe this as follows:

This superior Microfibre cloth includes power zones which remove burnt on dirt, limescale and stubborn marks without scratching. Get the benefits of long lasting microfibre cleaning without the need for harsh chemicals:
  • Ultra performance microfibre cloth.
  • Powerzones to remove grease & grime, as well as limescale and burnt on dirt.
  • Can be used without harsh chemicals
  • Can be washed over and over again by hand or machine
I used these for wiping down the windows after I had washed them with the two in one mop and needed to 'polish' them off.  So I decided to use these and used the normal microfibre side to polish the smears away, they worked perfectly and it required little effort to polish the windows clean.
I then decided to wipe the worksurfaces down in the kitchen, the 'power' side of the microfibre is great, it's like normal microfibre with 'stripes' of a tougher, harder fabric.  This is really useful and really cuts through anything dried on, like there was an area where we had spilt some sugar and it was dried on.  It really lifted it off the work surface easily without having to use any chemicals and scrubbing which could scratch the worksurface.
It's not something I would have thought to buy myself but is a really useful product.

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