Sunday, 30 June 2013

Vileda 1 2 Spray Mini Review

Vileda describe this as follows:

  • The 1 2 Spray Mini is perfect for cleaning windows and surfaces if you are in a hurry!
  • The handle can be filled with either water or a cleaning fluid, such as the 1 2 spray cleaning chemical. Its ergonomic shape allows you to hold and spray at the same time. The surface can then be cleaned using the triangular head. It is an all in one system!
  • The 1 2 spray head is made from microfibre, which easily removes dirty marks and stains, the triangular shape also means cleaning those hard to reach corners are easy.
  • Perfect for cleaning the inside of your car and also around the house.
  • The head can be washed at 60 degrees in the washing machine after use, refills are also available.
I wasn't sure about this item, seemed a bit of a gimmick to me.  I decided to clean some glass doors between the kitchen and utility with it, they get really grubby as the dogs spend the night in the utility and stop in there if they are wet/have dirty paws etc.
Before & After
The handle of the 'mop' unscrews so you can fill it with cleaning fluid.  In this case I filled it with vinegar and water.  Wow I was impressed, I love this little gadget, it is amazing.  It's so easy to use, you just press the little button on the handle and it sprays a fine mist by the pad.  It's so much easier than having to use a cloth and a spray bottle.  The head of the mop swivels also so you don't end up twisting your wrist to maneouvre it.  The triangular shape gets into all the corners well.  The mop head can be removed and put in the washing machine so should last ages.
So to sum it up, brilliant!  I want the full sized version now to do the floor in the utility!!